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  • Lust

    I reflect;

    "As fire is covered by smoke, as a mirror is covered by dust, or as the embryo is covered by the womb, the living entity is covered by different degrees of lust."


  • Self-Realization

    'All parts of creation are linked together and interchange their influences. The balanced rhythm of the universe is rooted in reciprocity.'  Humans have to 'combat two sets of forces - first, the tumults within his being, caused by the admixture of earth, water, fire, air and ethereal elements; second, the outer disintegrating powers of nature.  So long as humans struggle with their mortality, they are affected by the myriad mutations of heaven and earth.'

    Autobiography of a Yogi - Paramahanda Yogaanda

  • Your True Power

    "It is human nature to get caught up in feeling the future or regretting the past, but never forget that your true power lies in the present." Karen Berg September 9th 2017.


    I want one moment in time
    When I'm more than I thought I could be
    When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away
    And the answers are all up to me
    Give me one moment in time
    When I'm racing with destiny
    Then in that one moment of time
    I will feel
    I will feel eternity

    Thanks Whitney

    Meditative practices explored during classes, courses, workshops and more.

  • Like A Prayer


    After spending years confined to a hospital where he constantly looked for ways to escape, Henry Cockburn explains how finding solace in faith, art and music helped him to lead a 'normal' life.

    Having faith, faith that we were created and that, we have a purpose in living this life, has given me strength. When times get dark, and I despair, belief that I am not alone and that there is a God looking down on me when I can pray to and who does not judge me takes a burden off of my shoulders.

    Since the beginnings of my psychosis, I have tended toward something spiritual and spirits guide us and that the birds and the trees hold something more than what we take for granted, day to day. Believing in something else helped me get out of the hole that I had dug for myself, and, at the end of it all, become a better person.

    Henry Cockburn's series on surviving mental illness will be exhibited 18-27 September as part of the Folkestone Triennial Art Festival at the Lilford Gallery, 8 Old High Street, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1R.

    Source: The i paper (Thursday 14th September 2017 No. 2.124)


    Life is a mystery
    Everyone must stand alone
    I hear you call my name
    And it feels like home

    Thanks Madonna


    Keep an eye on this site for changes to classes, workshops and more, incorporating over fifteen years experience as a student of Kabbalah.

    With Light!

  • Worries & Fears

    Bob Marley - "Three Little Birds"

    Rise up this mornin'
    Smiled with the risin' sun
    Three little birds
    Pitch by my doorstep
    Singin' sweet songs
    Of melodies pure and true
    Saying, (this is my message to you).

    Why a lifetime of worries and fears?

    40% of fears never really happens - worrying for nothing;
    30% happened in the past - memories and ideas;
    12% busy with other people's feelings and worries - creating unnecessary drama;
    10% believing more sick than really are - negative thought patterns;
    8% of fear is founded - justifiable - healthy fear, that one might be disconnected from the light (mystical realm).

    New class: "The Power of Sleep for Mind & Body Health" - coming soon!

  • Physical Appearance - Research helps us anwer questions

    A two day anonymous survey that takes less than five minutes, just click on link / or copy and paste in search book to complete.


  • Light, Love & Living

    One of my dear yoga teachers is featured in the Om Yoga & Lifestyle magazine April 2017.

    Brian Cooper, co-founder of Yoga Alliance Professionals, the teacher training and accreditation body.

    When asked...

    Q/ Any personal motto during though times?

    A/ 'I think of the quote from the Bhagavad Gita: 'He who is everywhere without attachment, on meeting with anything good or bad, who neither rejoices nor hates, has wisdom is fixed.'

    Share that belief!



  • Gratitude

    ‘Say thank you!’

    What am I saying thank you for?

    “You’re saying thank you because your faith is so strong that you don’t doubt that whatever the problem. You’ll get through it. You’re saying thank you because you know that even in the eye of the storm. God has put a rainbow in the clouds. You’re saying thank you because you know there’s no problem created that can compare to the Creator of all things. Say thank you!”

    Maya Angelou talks with Oprah Winfrey -
    An extract from ‘What I Know For Sure’ a collection of columns
    Oprah has written for O. The Oprah Magazine



    A song held in memory everyday -

    ‘Ain’t Got No, I Got Life’

    What have I got?
    Why am I alive anyway?
    Yeah, what have I got?
    Nobody can take away

    I got my hair, I got my head, I got my brains, I got my ears, I got my eyes, I got my nose, I got my mouth, I got my smile, I got my tongue, I got my chin, I got my neck, I got my boobs, I got my heart, I got my soul, I got my back, I got my sex, I got my arms, I got my hands, I got my fingers, got my legs, I got my feet, I got my toes, I got my liver, got my blood,

    I’ve got life,
    I’ve got my freedom,
    I’ve got the life,
    I’m gonna keep it,
    I’ve got life,
    I’m gonna keep it…

    Thanks Nina

  • Dreams, Wakes and Collective Unconsciousness

    Carl Jung introduced the idea of the collective unconscious, the ultimate interrelatedness of all things, people, times and places.

    In order to be in touch with this knowledge, Jung stated that one must also go within “who looks outside dreams; who looks inside wakes.”

    Let’s remember, we are all in it together – alive, but we are unique beings with different challenges, outlooks, making daily lifestyle choices. If we all aim to do our best for the mind and body – which will vary moment to moment, according to health and wealth – being our best, will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret and feedback unconsciously into the collective good of society.

    Live Lyrics

    Life is the most precious gift I thank the Lord for mine
    I hope you feel the same my friend I hope you’re feeling fine
    The choice is yours your destiny is waiting on the line
    You better get busy with living or you’re busy dying.

    Do just what you want to do
    Oh let the sun come shining through
    Live, yeah yeah yeah, live

    Everybody live
    Come on and sing…
    You got to do it…

    Thanks Lenny




    Desiree sings: Life

    Life, oh life, oh life, oh life
    Doo, doo doo doo
    Life, oh life, oh life, oh life
    Doo, doo doo

    Could easily change the lyrics to:
    Light, oh light, oh light, oh light
    Sun, sun sun sun
    Light, oh light, oh light, oh light
    Sun, sun sun

    Spring brings longer days with plenty of sunlight,
    Lets take off the shades and really see nature
    See the greens, sunny reds and oranges
    Feel the warmth of the morning sun on our faces and encourage the body to embrace the light – how skin.

    Bring in thoughts of love, the giving and receive kind
    = 3 “L”s of happiness.

    Many publications for sale on-line: Light on Yoga, Yoga of Light, Light of the Soul, Light on Health and Wellbeing…

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