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Director Profile


Dany-Alys N G Feurtado, B.A. (Hons.), SYT, REPS, RYS

Director of Healthy Mind And Body Ltd  & Life Centre - (Not-For-Profit Organisation)

Senior Yoga Teacher




Yoga Chikitsa Teacher Training (Ashtanga & Therapy)

Accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals


I am an originator of the 'Yoga Chikitsa Teacher Training Course', which incorporates Ashtanga Yoga, to build strength and stamina, and Yoga Therapy, which promotes deep relaxation. This innovative yoga practice includes postures, breath control, meditation, relaxation and more. Yoga Chikitsa Practice is a precise yoga method suitable for everyone from the complete beginner to the advanced yoga practitioner.


My teaching draws from the Krishnamacharya lineage of K Pattabhi Jois, R Sharath and Brian Cooper (Derek Ireland). I take an individualised approach and treat every person as absolutely unique. All students are taught according to his or her individual capacity.





Yogi G.I.R.L ® – a registered trademark: Yoga Therapy, Treatments and Mats.


Yogi G.I.R.L ® stands for Global, Islands, Regions and Local, where a yogi might travel to “Share the Lifestyle.” This catchy brand promotes the art of sharing the personal experience of yoga methods, courses, retreats and more with the world.





I set up my first yoga business, the Yoga Chikitsa Academy, in 2003, having started my ashtanga yoga practice at The Life Centre, West London in 1998.  I have over ten years of experience which has equipped me to offer bespoke business advice.





As an approved training provider (ATP), we offer CPD for Mind, Body and Spirit workshops and other training modules.





Project Manager and Teacher – ‘Therapeutic Yoga’, a funded community project for people suffering depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions.


My teaching style draws on yoga therapy training and my own personal experience of yoga as a therapy. I have extensive experience in yoga therapy for pain management: I live with lower back and hip injuries as a result of accidents and now suffer no pain. I have also employed therapeutic yoga techniques in my own life to cope with the deaths of a parent and siblings, work through divorce and life as a single parent, calm the stress of a life on the move, and overcome insomnia.




“Live the Life’”– spiritual, physical, mental and emotional guidance. One hour telephone and one-to-one sessions offered nationally.


I believe the physical and emotional challenges I have faced in life have given me strength and wisdom to assist others.  The spiritual philosophy of yoga gave me more energy to lead a healthier and more progressive life.  





I am a very creative person and I use this energy when offering teachings, courses, workshops, retreats and more.