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Ayurvedic Healing & Vedic Astrology

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  • Description

    Ayurvedic Healing & Vedic Astrology

    Ayurveda is called ‘the mother of all healing’ because it embraces all forms of healing including diet, herbs, bodywork, surgery, psychology and yoga – health, well-being and happiness.  Ayurveda explores the qualities and effects not only of foods, medicines and behaviour but also of climates, the weather and the stars (astrology).

    It shows us our individual constitution according to the three doshas or biological humors of Vata (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water), as well as how this constitution is affected by everything from genetics to environment and emotions.  

    Ayurveda aims not only at the cure and prevention of disease but also at rejuvenation and longevity.   Therefore, treatments range from simple dietary measures to complex herbs and special purification procedures to achieve optimal health and vitality.  


    Possessing a similar scope to Ayurveda, Vedic astrology contains all aspects of astrology, to understand our personal lives in all areas, including health and spirituality.  Like Ayurveda, it has a broad range of treatment measures including the use of colours, gems, mantra and the worship of deities to aid in our greater well-being. 


    To arrange a minimum of four hourly sessions - £207.00, please use the 'Contact Page'.



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