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China Chun Mee Organic Green Tea

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  • Description

    This fine, organic Chun Mee comes form the Wuyuan region in the Jiangxi province.  The leaves are slightly curved, the infusion is light with a fresh, slightly tart flavour.

    The better part of all green tea produced worldwide comes from China the 'motherland' of tea. Green teas - unlike black teas - are not fermented.  The colour of the leaves varies from light green and shiny silver to a dark emerald green, the infusion is light.

    Depending on the type of tea and the preparation, the flavour ranges form slightly tart to pleasantly sweetish and aromatic.

    The recommended water temperature ranges form 70 to 90 degrees celsius and the brewing time form one to three minutes.

    Tea Weight: 110 grams


    Refillable bags of your favorite teas available. 





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