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Teacher Training Syllabus

As part of Healthy Mind & Body’s commitment to sharing the practices and benefits of yoga as far as possible, among the courses we run are several suited for those already committed to the yoga lifestyle so they might teach yoga themselves.

Our fully-accredited (Yoga Alliance Professionals) courses will aim to bring out in you the best possible instructor so you’ll be able to teach and inspire your students – and see their dedication to the yoga lifestyle mirrors your own.

Thorough attention to detail is critical, so our courses will properly prepare you with the tools to teach not just yoga’s underpinning spirituality and its traditional techniques, but also ensure you’re fully up to speed and invested in the latest developments, in terms of anatomy, philosophy, psychology and much more.

Our courses will deepen your appreciation for and dedication to yoga – through continued work and self-study (svadhyaya) you’ll be able to take in different approaches and be capable of deciding what’s most useful for you and your students. You might say yoga is an ocean made up of many waves, not just one path. In which case, why not take on more than one of our instructor classes, so you better deepen your understanding of yoga and arm yourself with as many tools as possible as a future instructor?

Teaching yoga effectively is often achieved by the instructor finding a singular approach to its different constituent parts; discovering a feel and style for their medication and physical application of practices that becomes very much their own. By taking our instructor classes, we will help hone your relationship with yoga and ensure you’re fully prepared to pass on all that yoga has to offer to others.