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Our selection of yoga and meditation retreats, home and abroad, provide the perfect environment for our range of practices and therapies aimed at boosting both your mental and physical health. Taking place throughout the spring and summer, our retreats take place at beachside locations which make the most of fresh sea air and the beneficial effects of negative ions.

Our retreats focus on both meditation and yoga practices, with equal attention paid to improving the health of your body and mind. The beach is the perfect environment for quiet meditation and meditative walks, and the sand provides a particularly beneficial surface on which to practise physical exercises such as yoga. That’s because the constantly shifting sand causes various extra muscles to come into play and improves your balance. The softness of the sand also helps cushion your joints, as opposed to the hard surface of a yoga mat or gym floor. However, there are even more complex scientific reasons why exercising by the seaside is particularly beneficial.

Modern science is increasingly finding evidence that just being by the sea can improve your health in a variety of ways. Negative ions are invisible molecules which the air in certain environments is very rich in – mountains, waterfalls, and the seaside are particularly good examples. Just inhaling the air in these kinds of environments is good for our body and mind, as the ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions which increase levels of the mood hormone serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress and boost our energy.

Negative ions also accelerate our ability to absorb oxygen, by neutralising damaging free radicals. Everyone’s familiar with feeling more relaxed, alert and energetic after a holiday – that’s partly because sea air and similar environments help balance our levels of cortisol, the body’s primary stress hormone. Exercising by the sea also helps you sleep better: that seaside smell is caused by dimethyl sulphide gas, and it helps us to nod off quicker and enjoy a better quality of sleep – which, of course, has all kinds of positive effects on our mental and physical health. Our retreats will see you making the most of all of these benefits with meditation and yoga sessions led by our expert instructors in a range of locations. Specific information about the individual retreats is coming soon.

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